cultural project manager
→ development of creative concepts that correspond to the tasks of the client, the current cultural context and the budget of the project;
→ initiation and participation in meetings of the creative department when discussing a new project, distribution of tasks within the team, operational communication with all participants in the process;
→ preparation of presentations in the process of project management: writing concepts, descriptions, accompanying texts, searching for references;
→ communication with clients in the framework of project preparation;
→ making adjustments at all stages of the project in accordance with the client's proposals, budget changes and comments of the Creative Director and / or agency partners;
→ monitoring the market for implemented successful cases, tracking relevant trends in the field of design, art and contemporary culture;
→ fulfillment of tasks in accordance with the established deadlines, timely informing about the status of the tasks;
→ fixing all delays in the deadlines, timely adjustment of the deadlines;
→ maintaining a database of freelancers, attracting them to the project in case of workload of the creative department employees.
→ work format: 5 days a week, in regular mode from 10 to 19 hours;
→ salary based on the results of the interview;
→ paid vacation: 28 calendar days per year;
→ monthly payment for mobile communications;
→ participation in the corporate professional development program;
→ the possibility of cultural enrichment and education within the framework of the company's projects
→ advanced knowledge of Keynote is required;
→ fluent English;
→ the skill to succinctly and figuratively formulate their thoughts in the form of texts, concepts, descriptions;
→ At least 3 years experience in a similar position;
→ Experience with premium brands
→ experience in the event industry is a plus;
→ multitasking — conducting work on several projects at the same time;
→ interest in modern culture, art, cinema, theater, visual observation and good taste;
→ personal qualities: responsibility, independence, sociability, stress resistance, positive outlook on the world.